Bimetal copper / stainless steel inside dome



The new stainless steel inside dome is a thrilling new feature which fits all Strietman espresso machines.

The dome is the upper part of the Strietman brew-group. The so-called open boiler. The standard CT1 and ES3 will come -and has always come- with an all copper dome.

Copper is the best metallic conductor apart from silver, which explains why electricity cables are made of copper. Copper is also excellent for maintaining heat, so it keeps the water inside the espresso machine very stable.

As long as your water has a normal PH level the all copper dome works fine. The downside however is that you need to keep an eye out on your water quality. When water has a high acidic level it will react with the copper, this can leave oxidation.
Next to that the copper inside the dome is also sensitive to stains.

The optional bimetal stainless steel inside dome is an excellent choice for those who prefer easy maintenance and care-free use.

The bimetal is developed by Falk Culinair, a Belgium copper pan manufacturer. The material consists of a heavy copper plate on which a 200 micron (0,2mm) fine layer of stainless steel is anchored using a pressure of 850 tons/cm². The result is a metallic “intercristalline” connection.

*order it together with a machine and it will be installed directly.

*if you order to retro-fit it to your CT1 / ES3 its advised to order an additional service kit which includes the dome seals which will have to be replaced.