CT1 espresso machine

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The CT1 takes the art of coffee making back to its essential origin. The technology involved has been simplified and made visible in every detail. The machine is operated by hand and for full quality control you can rely on the judgement of your own senses.
The CT1 uses the proven lever technique. With this technique a column of hot water is manually pressed through the coffee by means of a piston. It is a very clear procedure and it provides you the perfect espresso.
Due to the open boiler design and removable piston, the technique is simple and makes it a low-maintenance machine. It uses electricity to heat the water and has an adjustable thermostat to set the water temperature.

The machine comes with matching wooden tamper, 3 filterbaskets, anti dust lid and manual.

All versions will have the bimetal stainless steel-inside dome installed, except for the normal all copper dome version.


Orders outside EU: an additional €50 custom duties will be quoted at delivery.

The CT1 with bimetal dome and nutwood handles is €1820.
All prices are ex VAT / ex transport

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