Strietman CT2 espresso machine


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  • CT2 with nutwood handles
  • CT2 with light ash handles
  • CT2 with Wenge handles 2,320.00
  • CT2 with Padauk handles 2,320.00
  • CT2 with Iroko handles 2,320.00
  • CT2 with Cocobolo handles 2,380.00
  • CT2 with Oakwood handles 2,300.00

The Strietman CT2 is the espresso machine in its purest form. With centrepiece industrial design and silent operation, the CT2 celebrates its simplicity, trusting the user with full manual control of every extraction.

Hand operated precision
Traditional machines rely on electromechanical systems to generate the necessary 9 bars of pressure for espresso. With the CT2, this pressure is produced entirely by hand. The robust lever action is low maintenance by design, and allows dynamic microadjustments throughout the brew. As you master your technique, the CT2 encourages you to trust your senses and reconnect with the coffeemaking process.

Minimalism in motion
Set your temperature and wait for the CT2 to warm up. When the lever is depressed, a column of heated water is driven through the ground coffee and into the cup. The 8mm brass group with integrated heater regulates water temperature throughout the extraction, and the naked portafilter reveals the quality of every shot you pull.

Complete control
Coffee is a natural product, producing different flavour notes based on the bean’s origin, roast profile, and age. With its responsive temperature dial and variable pressure control, the CT2 makes it easy to dial in any grade of espresso. Users of every level are rewarded with a richly aromatic brew, with limitless scope for fine-tuning and experimentation.

Material engineering
Copper and brass are excellent at maintaining heat but susceptible to oxidation. To prevent corrosion and maintain purity, the Strietman CT2 water pathway is lined with stainless steel.

The machine comes as standard with:
- Wooden handles (your preferred choice)
- A matching wooden tamper
- Two 15 grams filterbaskets
- Two 18 grams filterbaskets
- A stainless steel lid
- A brass quick connect lever pin
- A manual including a brewing guide

Height: 42 cm
Width: 43 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Watts: 500

Compatibility mains supply and plugs are based on the shipping country:
Europe version: 230V comes with a Type F three prong plug
United States version: 115V comes with a Type B three prong plug
***in case you would require a specific plug please contact Strietman at

To safeguard reliability, security and sustainability, we prioritize CE certification and therefore our machines comply with the European standards for these devices.


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